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Midlands Financial Benefits and Saline State Bank

Corporate headquarters for Midlands Financial Benefits and Saline State Bank.  Program consists of class A offices, conference room, and a private garage.  The sloping site is situated adjacent to a wetlands—the major attribute of the site. Acknowledging this, the building is organized so that the lobby and offices are afforded views and connections to this exterior amenity. Non-habitable spaces are placed where access to the exterior is not possible and paved areas of the site are associated with adjacent streets. Green space was maximized where adjacent to the wetlands.



A structural module was determined by formulating a rhythm of private offices with adjacent support staff workstations. The exposed steel roof trusses, exterior steel roof struts, and demising walls between open office and private office express this module. Visual and acoustical privacy of offices was a high priority.



The client had a desire for the building and site to be expressive of sustainable concepts. Design attributes of this goal include SIP roof panels, use of natural materials (brick, limestone, copper, traditional stucco), extended roof overhangs at the west, a skylit open office area, and a geothermal heat pump system. In addition, a brise-soleil at each of the large west-facing windows on the lower level mitigates direct sunlight and adds definition to outdoor rooms, connecting interior and exterior spaces.




Sq. Ft.





Lincoln, Nebraska





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